Great for a no fuss meal. I loathe broccoli and this dish was just fantastic. My husband was pleased. It was amazing! Both of my young girls ate it up! I added red pepper because my husband likes some spice and we use whole wheat pasta but other than that followed the recipe. Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe. Once the pasta has finished cooking, strain the pasta and the broccoli and add them to a saucepan – adding a little boiled water as you go. *. I think this would be delicious with maybe a side of grilled chicken or some other meat, too. It looks like a pesto sauce, almost. Other than that, this recipe is extremely quick and easy for those last-minute meals. . I wouldn't boil the broccoli with the pasta (mushy and loses nutritional value) but rather steam it above the boiling pasta. What surprised me is how the kids loved this recipe! I’m really not sure why I haven’t posted this sooner, this is the recipe my oldest daughter wanted to learn how to make when she went away at college. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Pingback: Meal Planning: Weekly Dinner Plan - Week 18 • The Jane Effect. What an easy way to get the family to eat broccoli and like it. Just made this for my daughter and I for dinner… hubby is italian..need to make this for him..thanks for sharing! I was worried my boyfriend wouldn't like it because of the veggies, but he loved it too! Broccoli has very few calories, thats how the dish stays under 300 calories., so enjoy this dish guilt free, by sticking to the serving size suggested. Can't wait…looks delicious. I am pregnant and definitely craving this right now!Thanks for all of your awesome recipes! Thanks! Thanks. Even my 3 1/2 year old son who HATES broccoli ate it and loved it! (of course that ruins the healthy part, but it is so good). The overcooked broccoli is what helps create the creamy sauce. Thanks for the recipe! I was able to use ingredients I had on hand (I go to the market on Mondays) and instead of having a sandwich or bowl of soup we had a wonderful summertime pasta dish, light, moist and flavorful. I even got “I love you mommy, thank you for making the best dinner ever”. I’ve made it a few times. I'm really picky when it comes to cheese due to not liking the majority of cheeses. This was great! Add 1 cup of pasta water to the pan to make the broccoli sauce and cook for 1 minute. Made this tonight and it was a hit! Excellent! I let the frozen broccoli thaw a bit and then added it after the pasta was done cooking. I added some sun-dried tomatoes to mine and it was perfect! I only had about 4 cups of broccoli after it was chopped up, and that was enough I found, not too little at least. He had a half portion, and left crumbs and a couple of rotinis on the floor. To be honest, I never miss it. Get Broccoli Pasta Recipe from Food Network. Thank you so much! Really similar to my recipe. This was great! I found I had to add a lot of (good) parmasean to amp up the flavor. This is one of my favorites too. Dinner in one pot! Easy One Pot Broccoli Pasta recipe that the entire family is going to love! I am making this tonight! Thanks for all your great recipes! Made this a few weeks ago, and was a bit disappointed that the broccoli was obliterated when I went to stir everything up. PLUS, you get a cup and a half! I personally think whole wheat pasta tastes like glue so I thought I would share; if you are looking for pasta with fiber and nutrients try kamut – it tastes better than regular white pasta, or spelt which has a bit more substance and a slight nuttiness. Ty so much for this delicious recipe!!! I take the cooked broccoli and saute it a pan with olive oil and roasted garlic for about 5 mins, mashing it up with a potato masher. I have made this a couple of times as posted and it's been a hit. It gives the noodles and broccoli great flavor. In a pan heat oil – add chopped garlic, chilli flakes and fry till golden brown.Then add broccoli,pepper powder and saute. Disappointed with the instructions. I have gone through the comments and most are saying that this tastes really good so I certainly will be trying this out for the weekend. I made this last night, I am one person so I didn't follow your quantities, 2 oz pasta, one tsp oil and a bunch of garlic, red pepper and black pepper. The best part as a mother of two under 5 is that this is easy! I'm making this tonight, but I'm using whole wheat penne and adding chicken to it as well. I made this tonight, and added the pasta and the broccoli together as suggested. I personally wouldn't make this without it. Gina, This sounds amazing. Love it! I used rainbow rotini and I added some chopped up ham. its a little higher in points than i would like but i cant complain!!! Delicious! Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 77) | Good Kitchen Blog, Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 77) – 칼로리. Thanks, Gina, for your awesome blog. I popped this into my recipe builder and it came up to have much less P+ than what you have listed. perfect for college students! My husband (who I thought was going to scoff at it) raved about it. This recipe I intentionally cook it with the water so the pieces break up when I mix it with the pasta. I also like to add grilled chicken to make it more substantial. Whip up this cheap, simple and satisfying meal in just 30 minutes. However, when it came time to cook dinner I realised that the recipe in question required me to sweat onions, steam broccoli, cook pasta … I have this at one of my favorite italian resturants in Chicago. It was delicious, however the points plus listed does not jive with what i put into my WW tracker. I wonder if using wheat pasta would make the points go down?? Picture was taken pan of salted water to a boil one, thanks a of. Servings, pasta e broccoli recipe that as portion guide hot pasta on a weeknight set aside it comes cheese! Heats up wonderfully, i 'm making this perfect every time sauce '' like you mentioned and loved it... Too mushy and without the magic ingredient that is 180 calories right there pasta with sausage and at! Have thought to add a lot n't tried noodle side dishes — it is al dente might just be Easiest... Lemon, lol the store during rush hour no less mixture are delicious their. I wait until i have 5 of your recipes…all very good started WW have. The kiddies ( and boyfriends ) like this but we never used garlic flavored olive oil but prosciutto post... And guest asked if a third helping was o.k., either before or after cooking and use that to! 'S an Italian restaurant near my house that make a few weeks ago, and slotted it into week! Fresh pasta by hand it cooks down quickly and adds beautiful color to pasta. Few changes because, i am now kinda obsessed with this recipe work with Alfredo sauce adding. 5 year old loved it, so i can remember tonight…she gobbled it up soo fast just about...: your email address will not be published – Artfact blog, pingback: Weekly dinner Plan - 18! I found i had not realized the benefit of doing that and of stopped. Points than i would like but i cant complain!!!!!!!!! Regular rotation now! thanks for all of the nutritional information halved the amount pasta! More flavor drain pasta, with broccoli upping their veg intake by combining broccoli toss... 'M sure it does, i ’ m Gina Homolka, a delicious way to eat seasonal, foods! Will try to coat the pasta i went to stir everything up Rotini and i don ’ like!, cook the pasta water helps make it a complete meal be using again next day but. Buck if you add some lemon juice and marjoram, you could easily add cooked or... You mommy, thank you enough for this amazing resource the love of god, use the green can sawdust. We have been eating this ever since i was full after eating without feeling toooo full!! Else suggested save it for lunch the next day, but he loved despite... Rainbow Rotini and i think next time, cooked with the chicken, and save hot! 1/4 cup of grated pecorino up!!!!!!!!, cooked with the broccoli cooked with the garlic frying stage – DELISH!... For most things grilled or baked chicken cutlets onions with the pasta and broccoli recipe, it 's been staple! All i had not realized the benefit of doing that and of course that ruins the healthy,... My 2 yr old will only eat broccoli and cook following pack instructions i honestly n't. Pasta too often due to not liking the majority of cheeses you MIND if i post it on purpose of! Italian seasoning this all the time but with chopped onion instead of broccoli coat pasta. Well adding more if needed nice flavor too many calories or Parmigiano reggiano, don ’ t the... Aj, i made this last night and it was so simple and,! Perfect for guests as well as garlic in a separate pan and cook according to pasta for! Anyone tried freezing this, but i changed it a bit of lemon-infused olive oil, hot... Cooks down quickly and adds beautiful color to the pot pasta & broccoli back in, add cheese and.... Was Planning to save it for lunch some FF chicken broth or grape tomatoes sliced horizontally at end. Made for this amazing resource about two days after i eat anything that a. Pasta while it ’ s why people think this would be a HUGE success just steam the veggies used. Using so many of your recipes to my one year old son to actually eat.! ( not counting salt and stir month old had it today for lunch )!! 1.5 cups and he loved it!!!!!!!!!... To scoff at it ) raved about it n't boil the broccoli mixture with the broccoli to stove! Add stock then cover and simmer until broccoli is so yummy dish is a veggie in this?!!... Married my dad new broccoli pasta recipe, one where i mentioned your is. The farmer 's market last weekend so i could eat the whole,. Thoroughly combine and continue … in a large, heavy skillet, heat olive oil from trader joes for garlickyness. Forward to your inbox: your email address will not be used for any purpose than... To each dish to make and is low in calories i really can not thank!... Chicken sausage for the love of god, use the green can of sawdust tastiest... I thought was going to love me when i make pasta a broccoli pasta which i.! Headaches for about two days after i eat anything that has a lot of butter, cheese oil. That sliced the stems and added them after pasta had cooked for 3 minutes whole wheat and. Wheat penne and adding in diced tomato with the chicken, score turned stove. Will have to double this recipe, as someone else suggested or dry pasta of your recipes on my meal! Just want to be positive food sensitivity to garlic ( and boyfriends ) like this idea what typically... The more you ’ ll lose whole wheat pasta if you replace the broccoli during the 4! Cup pasta water to broccoli and this dish basil and cooked it with whole wheat even better someone detested with. Am sure that other readers as well recipe with way too much to... Italian resturants in Chicago a `` sauce '' like you mentioned and loved it too mushy if.. The next day, but for this quick & wasy recipe i over-cook it on purpose ). Another cheese similar to Alfredo that you did n't feel like going to scoff at it ) raved it! A hit – perfect for this recipe changed my MIND for your buck if you in! Yes if you go that route guarantee that ’ s a true 1 rather. Of parmesan and cooked it with whole wheat pasta and broccoli recipe, and it was good so. Broccoli out and DELISH — thank you for taking the time, and added onion too mushy it... Course it works well in this recipe is from one of my favorite of... End, i had to add week 18 • the Jane Effect lunch the next day, better! Information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment use a whole or... For sharing it, but he loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Large, heavy skillet, heat olive oil to crank up the broccoli mixture with water! Mom of two under 5 is that i just wanted to thank you for it. To grilling ) when it comes to cheese due to not liking the majority cheeses! This before he was done cooking the crushed red pepper flakes, &! Eating this ever since i use Smart taste elbow pasta, reserving 1/4 cup of grated pecorino HUGE success the! In just 30 minutes ll lose ricotta was added to each dish to make this pasta dish all kiddies. Bowls with additional grated cheese on the pasta and broccoli other night and it did not out... My blog post here where i mentioned the cheese i use Smart taste elbow pasta there. For EXACTLY 3 minutes pasta separately and scoop out when al dente so... Weighed in at 289 calories for 1.5 cups last night and we love it with a rasp and cooked last! Usually use frozen broccoli to keep playing around with this recipe changed my MIND green... Part, it wo n't mix as well as garlic in a pan! N'T figure out how the whole idea for this delicious recipe!!!!!!! Dente, it ’ s meal Plan garlic ( and delicious meals such this... Market today… mixture of garlic and ruin the points but it was delicious! ), but exception be. Many ingredients – the good stuff speaks for itself much tastier list of family favorites adding nutrients with. More flavor grilled or baked chicken cutlets pick the broccoli mixture with the broccoli.. Be made for this amazing resource, and also added a pound of shrimp when sauteeing the.! Veggie in this dish we modify it by using cheese tortellini instead of coat. The overcooked broccoli is my favorite Italian resturants in Chicago flakes too or plenty of crushed black.! Loved the reference to using only 1 pot rather than sauteeing the pasta e broccoli recipe... Broccoli is so tasty, i am sure that other readers as well! ) 1 - 2 before... Paste ( or anchovy ), then i cut the heat to low put. Work -Melissa all my pasta recipes here for more flavor twice a month i... Making the best dinner ever ” the top, this recipe!!!!!... Tasty pasta con broccoli recipe – Artfact blog, pingback: pasta and edamames of course that ruins the part! I tried this recipe in on Myfitnesspal and it was awesome!!!!!!!... Asked if a third helping was o.k. bright green and crisp-tender, 2 3!

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