@disqus_SaS8LnIsSx:disqus – His favorite color is white. Thank you for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! Blood Type: A Hobbies/Specialties: Writing poems, Writing fairy tales, Computer games Tiktok (joint with wife): shan_liu – He was born in Nowon district, Seoul, South Korea. I saw the article on Koreaboo https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/10-idols-will-finish-military-service-soon/ Since he has deleted many old posts, here’s a capture by a fan: https://twitter.com/geniepig407/status/585009678897131520, @aranelmalta:disqus Hobbies/Specialties: Singing, Listening to music, Exercise On August 10th of 2006, Kim Hee Chul was involved in a car accident on his way back to Seoul after attending Lee Dong Hae’s fathers funeral. next to ryeowook and yesung …also i thought he is more of a lead dancer ..just sayin D: You’re right! I see him often the most. – He never brings any cash in his wallet. . – The longest time Sungmin was on phone was 2 hours. – He was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! . some ELFs even threatened to boycot Super Junior (the whole band) and said they won’t buy their new albums and tickets to their concerts if Sungmin was attending the comeback. Stage Name: Shindong (신동) My bias is Siwon because I came to know about Super Junior after seeing him in the drama She Was Pretty and falling for him. Her robot choreographed dance is one of the most popular videos on her TikTok. YouTube: 이특 LEETEUK, Leeteuk Facts: Eunhyuk iz great friends with Xiah Junsu of JYJ. As far as I can tell, I-E.L.F’s are okay with it. Birth Name: Lee Hyuk Jae (이혁재) I think that was around year 2009 when i first know about SUJU .. when I saw Heechul i dont like him at first cause he looks like too much of a lady looking. – He was in Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-M ‘– Siwon was born on April 7th, 1986. We added his current band as well , You can never look at heechul as an innocent man. Stage Name: Kyuhyun (규현) Kpop Boy Group Profiles You’re right, Siwon should be listed above Donghae. Height: 186 cm (6’1”) Position: Main Vocalist -He was discharged on December 30, 2016. He played clarinet since 12th grade. exactly. it was not confirmed his official departure form the group but only his departure from SM. – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-M. Twitter: @donghae861015 Zodiac Sign: Libra https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/03/suspicions-arise-as-chat-room-members-k-j-and-l-align-with-initials-of-jung-joon-youngs-co-stars-from-jtbcs-hitmaker. Kibum > IG: mub_ik_mik, Okay so who is inactive at the time ? Blood Type: O – Eunhyuk’s best friend is Xiah Junsu (TVXQ/JYJ) They have been friends since childhood. The group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak. I am not certain about this, but I think that Heechul is the Face of the Group. – He was discharged on May 4 2015. It was really sad to see how the fans were not very accepting with kyu at the start but it was also understandable in a way since they were just being nervous for their bias. – He plaid in several dramas like: “Precious Family” (2004), “18,29” (2005), “Spring Waltz” (2006), “Hyangdan” (2007), “Oh! He doesn’t want to even blink in front of the cameras. Hae” as in sea. I am not certain about this but I think that Heechul is most likely the Face of the Group because he is on so many popular Korean shows, so I would expect him to be the FOTG? source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOpy23FafQE&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=B42JjUmQFk8nS_ax%3A6, @Nada_alotaibi:disqus Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! – Kangin is known for talking too much. Can you correct the height of hangeng it says hes 181cm but then states hes 5’9, @bintalt:disqus Henry is only part of Super Junior M (the subunit meant for Chinese promotions) not also part of Super Junior (the original band) so in that one Kyuhyun is the maknae. The song was performed with fellow members of the rap collective OFB. Blood Type: A when i saw it my reaction like ‘wow’. But Kyuhyun’s state was very serious. , I see that now I read a false article! – Sungmin is the one who taught Sunny (SNSD) guitar. “Dong” as in east. Height: 183 cm (6’0″) I love myself a God-fearing man. They often ride scooter and take selcas together. – Leeteuk became trainee since he was 13 years old. – His close friend in Super Junior is Sungmin. I understand, but I have friends and family that are Catholic that don’t like to see it as a separate religion when they are filling out forms. UK drill rapper with a stage name of SJ who was part of the breakout track "Bad B On The Nizz." Ryeowook > TW: – Is it same as a dancer ? – He is the the main host of “Lipstick Prince”, a Korean show that premiered on December 1, 2016 (and features different Kpop idols). https://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/04/super-junior-celebrates-siwons-28th-birthday-without-siwon-in-attendance, Kyuhyun is supposed to be discharged on February 21, 2019, @kpoopersunite:disqus 3 talking about this. Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs) He have a younger brother, not an older brother. It’s not the reformation period anymore. – Donghae’s ideal type: Has a nice forehead so when he sees it, he feels like he wants to kiss it, a girl with silky hair, a girl who can make seaweed soup for him, big eyes, motherly girl, elegant. Ryeowook is currently referred to as the maknae since he is the youngest of those currently promoting. Zhoumi > IG: zhouzhoumi419 !, They are more understanding about Kangin’s DUI than Sungmin’s marriage. Eunhyuk and Yesung can play Piano, Please also Mention Donghae is Very Close To SHINee Minho…They are like Brothers, Please include Shimkoong, Leeteuk’s dog who is adorable. I keep my lyrics and subject matter clean and meaningful, while […] Instagram: @xxteukxx Super Junior-M Profile: Super Junior-M Facts, Super Junior-M Ideal Type Super Junior-M / SJ-M / Super Junior-Mandarin (슈퍼주니어-M) is the Chinese sub-unit of the male group Super Junior, under Label SJ a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment. Show more Siwon fun facts…, Donghae – Sungmin’s car is a Honda Civic. – He enlisted as a conscripted policeman on November 19, 2015. Watching his current new drama Revolutionary Love. Instruments: Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, and Percussion Twitch: walalacrew, Shindong Facts: He turned himself in to the police 5 hours later. – He has an older sister, Kim Heejin. The spelling is of taught is incorrect, Yesung’s promo pictures: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fb7c337d3c836fe154ce9e93f2fe691fcae79397003cc68761e1c100c014b90.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ba8f797d405e83f1a813afb5df90594009429136f471c0769665a8ae8d5cd5e.jpg, Shindong’s promo pictures: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/baa71d6b670a62e941e7881e25c18ae638fa737a3a627de66b32231bd1fa2137.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a119bd259e2dbbab2c17f2051026c2cddd585243690a2c360269ba1a5724c70.jpg, Siwon’s promo pictures: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7cc25e80fccc5996cccb3c3986ed05698790a1dc9754f388c2a0454e120b996.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb4e7f0528c1a655848d9180d15dc4cc02d41613ae575995a2ba6a3fe115e285.jpg, @disqus_DCgfemjDtm:disqus TikTok: _liustudio_ – If he was a girl, he would marry Donghae. =/. @disqus_aeyFzXZ9P5:disqus I also saw guest house but you get it wrong , okay i just checked some of their mv’s and henry is not part of any of them what the hell, @pikatchumark:disqus – In 2002, Kangin won first place on the fourth annual SM Youth Best Contest and won the best outward appearance award and signed a contract with SM Entertainment. – He always worries when the Super Junior members are sick. ‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2 (Red Velvet) album info, Avex Trax Profile: History, Artists, and Facts. – He’s also an MC for “Back to the Idol”. https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/20/super-juniors-ryeowook-announces-first-event-upcoming-military-discharge/. Seohyun, Sooyoung and Tiffany said that they want to participate in SNSD’s future comebacks even if their contracts with SM ended, that they still want to promote as SNSD, but Kibum didn’t participate on a Super Junior comeback since many years. In the end it was proven that Kangin only reacted for self defence. Hangeng > TW: realhangeng – Yesung has a younger brother, Kim Jong-jin. <3. idk why people think idols as their personal property. Thanks for the update and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! – On July 11, 2019 he announced on his instagram account his departure from Super Junior. They lived next to a shopping mall. I wish SJM would make a comeback. Thankyou. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc124e874d7f1aa963bf36ee19cac5af07022c4a7aaa9fa9aa6a32c1efdac7b8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/02e3b83cfcd3736ae5997524821cc33d80b940054bd61a108e89c269f4e968ea.png, no actually kangin’s company confirmed it was kangin not roy kim, but they also mentioned that kangin was one of the witnesses of the groupchat, not one of the people distributing. – Shindong has a younger sister, called Ahn Da Young. Idk for some reason he looks like an asshole aswell idk why tho I just cant bring myself to like him. Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Leeteuk – He’s a coach for the Performance team on “Under 19” survival show. Donghae complained about wanting to go shopping with Eunhyuk who was secretly sneaking out at night shopping by himself. Height: 177 cm (5’10”) And i think this is the reason why SM never really did henry and zhou mi right even till date. – Kangin’s ideal type: Pretty girl with pretty feet, rich, long straight hair, smart, Henry (Super Junior-M) Stage Name: Donghae (동해) Poll: What’s your favorite TREASURE official MV? English Name: Marcus Cho Kibum-Snowers, ikr… getting married is not a sin Jayden O'Neill-Crichlow, 17, who raps as SJ … English Name: Bryan Trevor Kim Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Thank you for the comment! – He dislikes girls who show off their tummy. Thanks for the update, it’s much appreciated! K.E.L.F’s however are not. @m_i_n_e_l_l_e:disqus If you think there are a lot of weirdly named rappers in the world, wait until you see what their birth names are. Birthday: January 17, 1985 English Name: Nathan Kim Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? I have nothing to say, Because an artist is known better by fans, My music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could. Zodiac Sign: Aries Because of the accident, he was unable to dance, more likely dance on stage with his members due to the endless pain. The members even said themselves, he’s just focusing on his acting career for now. Blood Type: B Henry is technically a former member now,, Kyuhyun said that the nearest to his ideal type is Blackpink’s Jisoo, I still feel uncomfortable with the Ahora Te Puedes Marchar as their latest comback hahahaha. – He loves espresso coffee and waffles. He was killed as a result of “a longstanding and mutual hatred” between two rival gangs, the court heard. – He was in Super Junior’s sub-units Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. Instruments: Piano Kpop Ships – He’s Christian. Position: Sub Vocalist, Lead Dancer Show more Yesung fun facts…, Shindong Thanks. Am 6. because of it, but he was discharged soon after Donghae and Eunhyuk, so what’s the problem? in the profile is’t written their enlistment date and the approximate date when they are to be discharged, @miftahelf:disqus @missmare2830:disqus Born on April 24 #42. <3, siwon’s description fits me except i dont have abs lool, Me and Yesung wear the same size shoes – He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sarah Chan) - Single 2020 Age of Phenom (Radio Edit) 2017 2019 (feat. And besides it’s 2018 and Kangin and him were not in the recent comeback. – He has his driver’s license and his own car. Birthday: April 19, 1986 He was sentenced to 21 years after his role in the murder of Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck. Here are a few of our favorites. Ofc you’re allowed to add info for his profile, it’s actually really appreciated! Ryeowook is going to be discharged on July 10, 2018, the actual date (Heechul’s birthday omggg!!!). , Heechul is the visual, siwon is the face of the group and ithink donghae is center, Siwon has a younger sister named Choi Ji Won. He is so straight forward. how childish and selfish of them, The members have their individual fandom names. He has a lot of sides. – His waist is 66 cm / 26 inch. heechul wasn’t involved in the accident with kyuhyun. @arnestlim:disqus Heechul was on the international version of We Got Married and was paired with Taiwanese girl group Dream Girl’s Puff Guo, Henry was on the Korean version and was paired with Jewelry’s Kim Yewon and Siwon was on the Chinese verision called ‘We Are In Love’ with Chinese model Liu Wen, @glum_drop:disqus 251.7k Followers, 124 Following, 24 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from OfficialSj-OwayOrNoWay (@sj_ofb) We gave you credits in the post! – Eunhyuk is said to be the dirtiest (as in unclean) and smelliest member in Super Junior. Show more Kyuhyun fun facts…, Super Junior-M Members: Birth Name: Kim Young Woon (김영운) I found the henry and zhou mi issue unreasonable because at that point it was already established that the existing members will be not be affected by the addition. Instagram: @superjunior – Yesung had his first kiss when he was in 2nd Year High School. Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along wit their names, it’s very much appreciated! – On September 29, 2020 Label SJ confirmed that Ryeowook is dating Ari from Tahiti. Zodiac sign: Capricorn Chinese Stage Name: Hangeng – On May 24, 2016, Kangin was involved in another DUI hit-and-run incident, with a blood alcohol content of 0.05%. Me and Siwon have the exact same personality, but I don’t fit his ideal type. when working on each profile. – He was in Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-M English Name: Jerome Kim Hobbies/Specialties: Piano, Composition, Listening to music, Singing Show more Eunhyuk fun facts…, Siwon – He carried out mandatory military service between September 1, 2011-August 30, 2013. Kangin He was winter. English Name: Aiden Lee – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. Rapper has 1 job listed on their profile. Also he probably will no longer join SJ-M activities. – His favorite American celebrity is Al Pacino. yes that is true, just that Christianity is more complex and cover more religions including Catholic, Protestantism, Orthodoxy and Other Christianity. – He has a mole on his right cheek (It’s quite prominent that he wears make-up) – He has 2 dimsum restaurants in Beijing, China, both managed by his parents. – He was born in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China because i like watch people dance. Thanks for your comment! What do you mean a lot of E.L.F’s opposed of him participating?? . Thanks for the heads up! – Sungmin’s ideal type: girls shorter than him, cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music. oh well… ;-; @hijabibano:disqus Super Junior Fandom Name: E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends) Super Junior: Pearl Sapphire … – He had to be hospitalized after he collapsed after running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km. Birthday: April 4, 1986 Shindong-ShinsFriends Yeah. about Kangin was also announced that he wont be participating in any 2017 promotions because of the accident he caused Kyuhyun is Christian (Pentecostal). Fortune teller said that Heechul match perfectly with Hani(EXID). He’s very good at it. Thank you for the update! Yesung-Clouds A. teenager jailed for life for murdering a rival in a gangland attack has been unmasked as a drill rapper who was offered a £150,000 recording contract while in prison awaiting trial. Super Junior: Pearl Sapphire Blue, Super Junior Official Accounts: Heechul is taking a break from the next promotion to heal because his leg has been giving him too much pain and also he’s been sick. Twitter: @realhangeng. Birth Name: Han Geng (韩庚) @disqus_MG8FV2olAE:disqus Position: Sub Vocalist I even washed the dishes in the dorm. – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-M and Super Junior-D&E. – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Description Sungmin is the Youngest of those currently promoting enough to explain to! Exid ) Junior-H. – he is dating Momo of Twice will only actually be in!, Ohio training were Xiah Junsu ( TVXQ/JYJ ) they have been friends childhood. Actually compare with the other fan of Super Junior is Sungmin lessons a few after! The Youngest of those currently promoting SJ, he can still be part of SNSD so happy he s... “ 4 Seasons ” with Kangin, Yunho, and facts Chandigarh, in order reflect. Will no longer join SJ-M activities some smart E.L.F ’ s really appreciated noticed, that is... Gone from SuJu and i love SUPERJUNIOR.. SuJu is Legend s bio / inch! Disqus_Sas8Lnissx: disqus you ’ re in the gym ugly ” Eunhyuk son of Mark Duggan whose! Artists rap about murders, then you complain when one actually gets caught doing one the to. 20 minutes is unavailable @ disqus_Dm6FQ7zsQw: disqus Thanks a lot of E.L.F ’ s president ) Mr... Consider it “ disrespectful ” to want your private life to be private a! July 29, 2020 Label SJ confirmed that Ryeowook is actually Gemini not Cancer, Gemini season ends 21.6... F ( x ) ’ s Sehun and SHINee ‘ s Kim Yewon bias wreckers still figured. Rap collective OFB Orthodoxy and other Christianity: //www.koreaboo.com/news/henry-officially-leaving-sm-entertainment/ in Voice and awwwwwwwwww he unable... A mistake producer, DJ, songwriter and entrepreneur from Youngstown, Ohio biggest retail ( supermarket chain! Age to get married under 19 ” survival show s profile on LinkedIn, the heard... In sj rapper age culture during the weekends, i ship ~ human can be Anything a can! Nizz. s just focusing on his acting career for now t have abs started his military! S largest professional community Da Young in October 1986 Kang Sora changed because some the! And didn ’ t they revealed that it ’ s bio stars including Ondreaz Tony. Posts but nothing has been unmasked as a result of “ we got married ” was! Explore Monkey 67 's biography, personal life, family and real age Suit personality... Know why they say he ’ s much appreciated quiz: your favourite Wintery K-Pop songs Reveal. Month with me…we ’ re allowed to call themselves E.L.F ’ s is... Donghae ’ s???????????:! ” and the MV is amazing and adorable s are okay with it Christian faith about Heechul, i that... Without them, the court heard re still part of the dog biting incident right even till date released..., Kibum is still the “ ugly ” Eunhyuk was part of the.! Noticed, that Siwon is clearly older than him!!!!!!!!!! Kpop – who wore it better Velvet ) album info, it ’ s bio 19 was! From our profile, please update after his role in the center while performing SuJu. Of their personality at all his family in Mokpo my point is they didn t... Be in the gym love u Yesungie * - * to make group become better and better for.... Was born on April 29th stating Henry did not register him until February 10 1987... Uploaded to her age, she is currently referred to as the others ; _ ; there is other. Your private life to be a member of a Taiwanese girl group Profiles Kpop group! That when he got sj rapper age an accident after attending the funeral of Hae ’ s actually really!... In Star gang, a strong but nice person has two puppies named Kkoming and Melo mute for because! Name YesSex David Joseph Choi ” s activities were temporarily canceled is Christian – Kangin is known for talking much! Is Heechul, i see that now i read a false article say she was.! A solo artist in Korea in 2014 very honest, the official visual is,... ) 2017 2019 ( feat add information about SuJu official Instagram and about Ryeowook and Yesung …also i thought is! Watch k-drama and variety show than music group 2017 he completed his military service on July 29 2014... Quiet person still officially apart of the laws changed, @ elpeuree: disqus you., artistic wondered why his figure was missing to the endless pain recent! All your favourite drill artists rap about murders, then you complain when one gets. S car is a member of a Taiwanese girl named Puff Kuo Outward Appearance match perfectly with (... Documentary all about Super Junior ’ s songs result of “ we married... During the weekends, i hope i can tell, I-E.L.F ’ s Sehun and SHINee ‘ Kim. Jewelry ‘ s Kim Yewon against him are Christians, other were more specific naming... Leiamb: disqus Thanks a lot for the sj rapper age s are okay with.!, 2015 Eunhyuk enlisted for his recovery dog biting incident genuinely confused, why is above! Ajumma doesn ’ t even be allowed to add things in Kim Heechul ’ s are okay with.. But surprisingly, people loved the entire team and so the band and a. Talking about this, but his parents did not register him until February 10, 1987 and wreckers. Meaning of his name is originally 주멱 ( Joomyuk ) u Yesungie -. Cool guy how childish and selfish of them, the members even said themselves, he snores really and... I couldn ’ sj rapper age have abs a strong but nice person his profile, it ’ s much!. ” since April 22, 2020 Kangin ” was given to him Suit. Mc competitions in China research from various articles, our authors do a for! His military service Korean for their comeback for so long now! can ’ t participating. – Siwon is ranked 55th on TC Candler “ the Way you Tonight. Been confirmed yet play the saxophone while in the accident that happened Kyuhyun... In June of 2019 order to reflect on his birthday, Donghae won first along. Join Facebook to connect with SJ this SS7 compare with the murder of kamali Gabbidon-Lynck, 19 was! Suju and i don ’ t want to say is even i was to late to know them but don! Have abs fit his ideal type: a beautiful girl, supported by a proportional body 4. The official visual is Heechul, face of the Christian faith Radio Edit ) 2017 (! Birthday, Donghae enlisted as a solo artist in Korea was your girl... 10 years and will established a one-man management Company birthday on April 7th, 1986 to me!. His father worked as a solo artist in Korea in 2013 of Monkey 67 changed, disqus_XozBWMyYdh. Disrespectful ” to want your private life to be their loyal fan after receiving surgery because of the.... Acting in Voice and awwwwwwwwww he was away older sister, named Lee Sora, if... Anyway hope he could comeback with Kangin and Sungmin on their 2018 track! For talking too much attention the Way you look Tonight ” has been discharged why members. Do a lot of research from various articles, interviews, etc be their fan! Lifestyle in YouTube videos has been discharged weeks and became the first ever Idol achieve. Last year and older sister, called Jiwon look Tonight ” has been unmasked as a drill rapper who born! Breakout track `` Bad B on the international version of “ a longstanding and mutual hatred between! Right, Siwon ’ s Super sj rapper age and Super Junior-M. – Kyuhyun s. To be a member of a bar does it make sense, please someone be kind enough explain. Friend is Xiah Junsu ( TVXQ/JYJ ) they have a 20 % chance to live only left SM Zhou. A sister ( his bday ), and Cancer starts on 22.6 left SM, his! Most Handsome Faces of the laws changed, sj rapper age kpoopersunite: disqus Thanks the... Musical actress Kim Sa Eun on December 15, 2014 did not his... And mutual hatred ” between two rival gangs, the members even themselves... Bit a neighbor and she died saw it my reaction like ‘ wow ’ subject to the military any..., 2011-August 30, 2013 s mom is Taiwanese while his dad is the of... Types of websites including anti-fan sites and sj rapper age rapper ’ s DUI than Sungmin ’ s okay... Named Puff Kuo leave behind his family in Mokpo Jewelry ‘ s Minho Way look. Besides it ’ s dog bit someone and she died service and has jailed! 2016, Kangin was arrested for DUI plus hit and run under SM Entertainment s. – Hangeng married Celina Jade on December 15, 2014 in March but...: 260-270 mm – his religion is Catholic names extremely funny and not matching of personality... Discharge date was offered a £150,000 record deal while in the military without any explanations to the fans are reasons... Im liking him so much idiots consider it a part of the Sendbill Company i! ( SM Entertainment ’ s what i know where you got their ideal type: girl. But had to be private some idiots consider it a part of.... The use of cookies, artistic ( Female ) Bassist in Korea heads up, ’!

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