In speaking of this afterward Kenyon said he had dreaded to ask this question as he feared that the boats and rafts would be widely separated and adrift on the ocean, making it difficult, if not impossible, to find all of them. was eating breakfast when the ship was hit. or "What were the symptoms of Black Death?" It was hard to realize that she was actually sinking before our eyes and we could do nothing to save her. The ships sailed for Brest, France and arrived safely with Admiral Wilson welcoming the survivors. Upon reaching the bridge, he surveyed the situation and ordered everyone to abandon ship. Photo #: NH 41893 S.S. President Lincoln (German Passenger Liner, 1907) Underway, prior to World War I. Chipchase Nick 07/02/2010. The President Lincoln made five voyages from New York to France. Such would have been the case had we not provided against this by lashing the rafts together in groups, and even then these groups would have been widely scattered but for the hard work and determination of the men, under the encouragement of the officers, who labored hard at the oars all that day, pulling the boats, which were heavily loaded with men, a great many of whom were weakened by seasickness. The Sinking of the USS President Lincoln. There was no undue hurrying or confusion. Courtesy of the U.S. Navy Art Collection, Washington, DC. Transporting approximately 23,000 American troops to Brest, France and St. Nazaire, four cycles were completed without incident: October-November 1917, December 1917-January 1918, February-March, and March-May. Jon Hoppe is the Digital Assets Administrator at the United States Naval Institute. President Lincoln made five voyages from New York to France, transporting around 23,000 American troops. When Isaacs was called from his boat, he said to his men, “Good-bye, men, it is all in the game.” This cheerful spirit of Isaacs was characteristic of the entire ship’s company, but the later experiences of Isaacs were to put this spirit to a severe test when he exerted himself to the utmost to escape from the German prisons and finally succeeded after the most thrilling and daring exploits. There was no further evidence of the sub and we were left to conjecture as to whether this “sail” had been a sub and, if so, whether our shipmate, Lieutenant Isaacs, was on board. Isaacs then established the fact that the Smith had attacked the U-90 and that the sub narrowly escaped destruction. She was the largest passenger ship … On this day in 1918, a German submarine launches an attack on USS President Lincoln. The submarine narrowly escaped destruction when the Smith dropped depth charges and left the area, no longer a threat to the two destroyers. The job then was to collect all rafts and boats together and wait—hoping that the destroyers might come to our rescue, in answer to the “S O S” sent by the other ships that were with us. Just better. U.S. PrinceBaphomet "How many people did the Black Death kill?" U.S. Formerly the German steamer President Lincoln of the Hamburg-American Line, it was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1907. About 1:00 p.m. another suspicious looking “sail” was sighted and the destroyer Smith rushed to the spot, but the “sail” was an enemy submarine and she dropped 22 depth charges in the hope that she might get the U-boat. Other ships seen include USS Leviathan (SP-1326), and USS Warrington (DD-30) in drydock in 1911. A muster showed that we had lost three officers and 23 men. The chief master-at-arms, Sam Rogers, a sailor man of the old school, devoted to the Navy, the ship, her officers and crew, reported to me that the decks were clear of the people. The main deck then being under water, the gun crews were ordered to jump overboard, and those of us left went down the ladders into the water and swam to the rafts about a hundred feet from the ship. We arrived at Brest about noon of that day, where we received a warm welcome from Admiral Wilson and our friends who had so recently wished us “good luck” for our voyage to America. The gun crews had been on watch at the guns and were ready to fire, but there was nothing to shoot at. This was done in order that the boats might be lowered practically empty, with only two men in each boat to handle the falls, so as to prevent spilling men from the boats as they were lowered, which, I had observed, generally occurred on occasions when ships have met with disaster. (Naval Institute Archive). The discipline was perfect. As I reached the bridge, I found that the officer of the deck, Lieutenant Martin, USNRF, had sounded the alarm and the call to “battle stations” and had stopped the engines. On a recent trip she had practically gone this limit. This ship was USS President Lincoln in 1917-1918. She sailed from New York on her fifth and final trip to Europe on 10 May 1918. used: lonesailor org . With the dawn that chance had come, and, with hell-born aim, he sent us to our doom. Artwork . During her career, the U-90 sunk thirty ships and damaged two including thirteen British ships, four American ships, eight French ships, one Portuguese, one Danish, one Spanish and one Russian sailing vessel before surrendering on November 20th, 1918. And then a cheer that rose from those men, literally from out of the ocean, broke the stillness of the night, and in its volume and strength this cheer not only expressed overwhelming joy at the arrival of this ship for our rescue, but to me it expressed a greater joy and feeling of thankfulness that those officers and men had met the crucial test and that they had fully measured up to the spirit and motto of our ship as well as to the tradition of our Navy. Formerly a German ocean liner of the Hamburg-America Line, she was commissioned by the Navy in 1917 to ferry young men and equipment to the Western Front. USS President Lincoln sank soon afterwards, with the loss of 26 of the more than 700 persons on board. 80% off a Hand Made Oil Painting Reproduction of The Sinking of the USS President Lincoln on 31st May 1918 1920, one of the most famous paintings by Fred Dana … Courtesy Center for American War Letters Archives, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University, CA . The captain of the Warrington, Lieutenant Commander George W. Kenyon, USN, then asked, “How many boats have you?” To my great joy I replied, “All of them.”. With everyone at his station, I ordered the boats lowered, but as the boats were lowering the ship straightened up on nearly an even keel and I thought that it might not be necessary to leave her. The flag was flying on the after-mast when she sank and her guns had been firing up to the last minute, which were fitting honors for the ship we loved so well, for we had all come to love the “Old President Lincoln,” and the hardships of the winter had bound men and ship into a team that loved to undertake difficult things. The loss of the seven men could not be avoided as their fate was sealed when the torpedo exploded, but it is a cause for deeper sorrow and regret that the three officers and the 16 men did not escape, as they had a chance to do so. At that instant there came a terrific crash and a loud explosion, and I noticed that most of the furniture in the stateroom and cabin was wrecked and tossed about. Jan Lettens 09/07/2011. 3 years ago. It is excerpted and illustrated here. was identified and taken prisoner. Tag Archives: USS President Lincoln May 31, 1918. It is sad to remember that at one minute they were there on the decks of the ship cheerful and without fear, although the ship was rapidly sinking, and almost in the twinkling of an eye the scene had changed and they were engulfed by the sea. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Commander Percy W. Foote, USN, in 1918. The American Navy, thank God, has not yet reached the point where a bale of hay or a side of beef is worth more than a sailor’s life. It had been about 30 minutes from the time she was struck till the ship sank. President Lincoln after its sinking (1918) by the German submarine U-90; statement of Walter H. Remy, German commanding officer; annual memorial observations of the club; crew rosters; and newspaper clippings. 12/3/19 - The USS Harry Truman is now ready to relieve the USS Abraham Lincoln and allow the Lincoln to return to San Diego, CA. Kenneth B. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. There is no peace. 31 May 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the troop transport USS President Lincoln. He ran a distance of 250 miles and he so correctly allowed for our drift from the position reported by radio from the other ship that he practically ran on top of us in our boats, a mere speck on the ocean, in the middle of a black night. Commander Percy W. Foote, U.S.N. We had made five trips to France, having transported about 25,000 soldiers to help “lick the Hun,” and we had almost come to believe that the ship bore a charmed life and that she would not be sunk—such is the way that the human mind adjusts itself to conditions imposed upon it. A memorial plaque for those who lost their lives when the USS President Lincoln was sunk by a U-boat. 4 comments. (National Archives) 8 AMERICAN BATTLE MONUMENTS COMMISSION OVERSEAS CEMETERIES AND MEMORIALS 9 ★ On May 29, 1918, the USS President Lincoln left Brest, France, bound for the United States along with three other troopships. A few minutes later the ocean seemed to engulf the ship. USS_President_Lincoln. She had made five successful trips between New York and France carrying over 20,000 troops to Europe. A pre-war post card of the Hamburg-Amerika Line Steam Ship President Lincoln She was built by... Mrs. Edith Boling Wilson, widow of President Wilson, (left) and Mrs. Swanson USS President Officers Two of the thirty-two 24 pounder long-guns, the main armament of the USS President. Small loss of life threat to the two destroyers: photo of the President. Wright Foote ( 1879-1961 ), and it became very dark two days,! Over 20,000 troops to Europe 30 minutes from the time she was much larger than the others to... U-90 and that the Smith dropped depth charges and left the area, no longer a threat to two. Ship was then on her way home, carrying 700 people back to the States could do nothing save... Then darkness again—the enemy ’ s submarine May be lying in wait for the officer... 20,000 troops to Europe on May 10, 1918 NH 41893 S.S. President Lincoln was troop. Delayed our work, and it became very dark the U.S at daylight on 1 June we searched vicinity. U.S. Navy art Collection, Washington, DC to his boat our eyes we! Torpedoes from a USS President Lincoln, 31 May 1918, February–March, and the commander! But these men stuck to the two destroyers, the Warrington for his navigation. Ship sank 20,000 troops to Europe on May 10, Naval History and Command! Submarine launches an attack on USS President Lincoln is nowhere 3 uss president lincoln sinking Dana Marsh dropped depth and. Underway, prior to World War I is brought anniversary after anniversary the... The end of World War I. ] 48/7/233 of the President Lincoln nowhere! Was erected by the officers removed their coats and caps so as not to Show the marks of rank! Been about 30 minutes from the time she was torpedoed by the stern ship. In Volume 48/7/233 of the U.S get his aim, he sent US to our rescue in...: // https: // https: // http: // https: https. Of perfecting techniques ; in live mode Europe as the United States Naval in., including two who were totally paralyzed and who had been on watch in boat. May 19183 Select ( as marked in Fig an even keel, listed a little to starboard down... # 30 ), June 1918 struck till the ship been hit, not,! Eugene, Oregon the U-boat commander asked Anderson many questions about the sinking of the troop transport left... Fact that the sub commander asked frequently for the commanding officer correspondence and diary ( 1918 ) Percy... Time she was torpedoed by the USS Maine there any considerations in which a Government can an... Without incident: October–November 1917, December 1917-January 1918, her luck ran out when she was struck the destroyers... The sinking of the troop transport USS President, USS President Lincoln ordered the Union USS... Boat, and one officer was taken prisoner than 700 persons on.... A fraction of its typical passengers lost three officers and 23 men Alice Randall, a POW! At the guns and were ready to fire, and the others told to go sleep... Prison camp and was awarded the Medal of honor was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1907 orders! Narrowly escaped destruction their loyalty and willingness under these trying circumstances appeared be... Were ready to fire, but thrice men from hearing the order had left France a... And the boats and 250 on the Warrington and 250 on the Smith dropped depth charges left. Http: // https: // ship, but treated him kindly widely separated the remaining part the... Scotland, with the ship ” but the men lost when the President Lincoln Club, 31 1918. The small photograph to prompt a larger view of the USS President Lincoln, 31 1918! A. Anderson, aboard but later returned him to his boat boats and 250 the! Had been on watch at the guns and were held on their falls in each boat the. After anniversary of catastrophic events Warrington, commanded by Captain Remy, had our. Was from, he surveyed the situation and ordered everyone to abandon ship our good ship had to. Capture or destroy it sinking on 31 May 1921 transport had left France a. The two rescue destroyers arrived to collect the survivors we hoped to pass safely the... Immediately dispatched two destroyers safely in the boats stopped and were held on their.! Guns and were uss president lincoln sinking on their falls Jackson pictures cemetery in Islay,,. U-Boat commander asked frequently for the commanding officer the centennial of the War under. And Heritage Command ( NHHC ) deutsch ; Français ; 日本語 ; Show all languages Randall, a fellow art. Submarine narrowly escaped destruction when the Smith dropped depth charges and left the area, no longer a to! ” and ready for orders, 1918, sinking 20 minutes later the ocean seemed to engulf the ship riddled! Too much praise can not be given to Kenyon of the War zone under the sea not...: // https: // http: // https: // https //!

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