Traditionally, in a teacher-centered classroom, instructors control the environment because control how information is dispersed and shared. Online learning models are natural environments for collaborative learning, but they are not collaborative learning environments by definition. It can be easy for students and parents to start to feel disconnected. The instructor provides Information that requires decision-making. Place lecture notes, with links to related resources and other Web sites embedded in them, on a web page for the learners to review. A board like. 2). A moderator guides the discussion and the audience raises and discusses issues, make comments, offers information, or asks questions of the resource person(s) and each other. To wrap things up, here are 3 key takeaways to carry into your virtual classroom: Share your expectations for behavior early and often. The Instructional Design Mastery Series is a series of three, 1-week modules with breaks in-between focusing on learning outcomes and assessment, instructional strategies, and course management and evaluation of courses that may take place in various learning environments (i.e., web-enhanced, blended, and/or online). Learners who take the initiative and are proactive learners learn more and better than passive (reactive) learners do. It’s a dynamic tool that allows students to follow along and participate in your lessons on their own devices. Discussion within the small group may vary from low, to very high levels of intellectual discourse. Remember, one of the strong resources educators have is each other! Educators should choose strategies that accomplish particular educational objectives. Because the online environment  facilitates group communication, it is ideal for the types of information exchange typical in forums. An obvious benefit of the symposium is that it gives learners exposure to a variety of experts’ viewpoints and offers an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Without a rigid school day schedule, it’s easy for students to lose track of time and fall behind on their work. Increased enrollment in online programs and courses has prompted a plethora of research on instructional strategies that impact online students’ learning. Break a long presentation into shorter segments if needed. Instructional strategies enable students to focus their attention, organize their learning material for better understanding and help teachers to provide a suitable platform for strategic learning. We all know- technology is great… when it works. It’s organized by both instructional need and content area. The online learning environment allows educators and students to work and exchange ideas and information together on projects, around the clock and from anywhere in the world, using multiple communication modes. or phone calls, live lessons, and video chatting. You can adjust Padlet’s settings so that all messages have to be approved by you before posting. You can also use these simple strategies to make your selection process easy and effective. Students can share videos or just pictures and a caption- whatever works best for you! Newsletter emails help keep families informed and involved with the happenings in your class and the school. Instructional Strategies for Online Courses Effective online instruction depends on learning experiences that are appropriately designed and facilitated by knowledgeable educators. Research shows the importance of teachers and parents developing relationships based on trust, respect, and solid communication. Cooperative Learning. The 3 Keys to Teaching Online Classes Effectively. For written discussions, Google Classroom is a great tool. An unbeatable tool for asynchronous discussions is. Fully virtual schools have been sprouting up across states for years, and only growing in popularity. The active learning strategies you select should serve the course learning objectives for your students. Albert’s pilot program follows many of these pilot principles, which is why we see high success in adoption and fidelity from schools who try us out first. Synchronous (real time) communication includes web-conferencing, chat rooms or text-based virtual reality environments. The case study requires learners to draw upon their experience, is participatory, and has action components that are links to future experience. These videos can be downloaded or shared via weblink. While many resources are free, educators are encouraged to apply for the. We recommend including pictures and highlighting student achievements to keep parents engaged all school year. Set due dates for everything, and send frequent reminders. While everyone’s teaching style is a bit different, successful educators all follow the same best practices in online teaching. First, you import your pre-existing lessons pdfs or Powerpoints. Taking into account the varied learning styles of learners and providing opportunities for self-directed and collaborative learning, educators can facilitate powerful, effective courses geared to achieve specific learning goals and outcomes using the vast resources and capacities of online learning. Competitive student athletes with rigorous training schedules, students with mental or physical ailments, and families who just want the flexibility in their day, to name a few. Once you have your technology in place, take a deep breath. Below are some instructional strategies from the traditional classroom that also work in the online learning environment: Learning contracts connect educational needs to individual student needs. . You can also use these simple strategies to make your selection process easy and effective. In this online environment, you’ll find yourself inevitably wondering, “Does anyone even read my emails?” To guarantee your students read and understand any especially important communications, add a link to a quick Google Form where a student and/or parent will type their name to acknowledge they read and understood it. Share your favorite tips for teaching and online learning strategies for students in the comments below. Fair warning- these chatrooms require active monitoring from the teacher side. Fair warning- these chatrooms require active monitoring from the teacher side. You can differentiate the type and difficulty of assignment for different student needs. For synchronous discussions, chat rooms like. The Purdue Repository for online Teaching and Learning (PoRTAL) digital repository is the go-to resource for anyone interested in online teaching and learning. With independent and group projects learners pursue special interests, write or create for an audience, and publish or present their findings and conclusions via the Internet. where a student and/or parent will type their name to acknowledge they read and understood it. Instructional Design Strategies for Intensive Online Courses: An Objectivist-Constructivist Blended Approach Sue-Jen Chen University of North Carolina Wilmington Abstract Due to the time constraints of intensive online courses, instructional design strategies should be modified in order to retain the quality of learning without reducing the quantity of the course content. Build in purposeful community-building activities like Show and Tell and time for free chat to foster strong student relationships. For the Powerpoints you’ve already created, screen recording software like. Lecture is an efficient way of disseminating information. Through this, learners explore their own experiences to become better critical thinkers. Lecture. However, the ways in which we utilize the strategies will differ as we make the best use of the characteristics and capacities of each environment. Mixed. Among these, faculty attitude about teaching web-based classes and instructional strategies innate to teaching students at a distance merit further attention. As the teachers, we must find ways to connect and support our parents, provide online learning strategies for students, and keep them involved throughout the school year. COVID‐19 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome and is a type of virus. Keep parents involved consistently with frequent and engaging communications like weekly newsletters and personal phone calls throughout the school year. Participants work to solve open-ended problems which require outside class work to gather information. When we move our classes to the Internet, plan for and make the best use of the online environment. Most adult learners favor discussion as an instructional strategy because it is interactive and encourages participatory learning. Role playing can be used to simulate real-life group work situations and can help learners gain an understanding of a problem or situation. Using projects in a learning activity makes the learning more relevant to the learners. Tips for teaching English online using Albert include varying our leveled readings in STEM and across topics to generate interest among different students. 5 Critical Thinking Strategies - YouTube. Most educators agree that the purpose of lectures is to lay foundations as the student works through the subject. In order for online learning to be successful, teachers as well as learners must take on new roles in the teaching-learning relationship, and faculty must be willing to release control of learning to the students (“Instructional Strategies for Online Courses,” 2011, para. Classroom community is just as essential in the virtual environment, and can be fostered with video chats, purposeful free time, and class message boards. Students can write collaboratively with peers and even publish written and multimedia products on web pages. Your school’s Learning Management System or LMS will most likely be the primary tool you use for your direct communication and posting assignments. In addition, tap the vast resources of the Internet to contribute data, information, and expert advice to case development and analysis. Wrapping Things Up: Things to Remember When Teaching Online. allow students to message back and forth in real-time. Check out How to Teach From Home with Google Classroom and Albert for more tips. You can differentiate the type and difficulty of assignment for different student needs. Self-directed learning is learner-initiated and may also be called self-paced, independent, individualized learning, or self-instruction. Usually three to six people who sit before an audience and have a purposeful conversation on a topic in which they have specialized knowledge. is a great tool for creating a collaborative class message board. Make your rules/expectations crystal clear from the outset, especially in live discussions. Weekly newsletters are a great way to build community with families. From this perspective, instructional strategies are tools available to educators for designing and facilitate learning . The task can be as simple as solving a multi-step math problem together, or as complex as developing a design for a new kind of infrastructure. Use the lessons you’ve already created, and adapt them to the online environment with different ed tech tools. Clear, respectful communication is the key to building relationships and classroom community. It can take some parents a while to adjust to their new role. Online instructional strategies Online instructional strategies refer to the methods and approaches that guide the organization of learning activities, course content, and student engagement in online courses (Bonk and Dennen 2003). We see districts investing in virtual tools, digital subscriptions, practice software, and broadband. account so families don’t have access to your personal number. The forum is an open discussion between one or more resource people and a group. This helps force the “wait til the last minute” folks to move forward at a steady pace. Key Tips. Also, you’ll be able to help troubleshoot common problems that you might not have noticed from just your teacher log-in. Teaching online requires different types of interactions with students. There are two variations of the forum- the panel and the symposium. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel- take advantage of the great resources already out there. This process helps educational leaders select and run successful educational technology pilots in their schools. offers the best practice questions for high-stakes exams and core courses spanning grades 6-12. Massive, Open, Online, Courses (MOOCs) illustrate the limits to which online discussion can go. It just takes a little creativity, and the right tools. Digital citizenship courses are, Your school’s Learning Management System or LMS will most likely be the primary tool you use for your direct communication and posting assignments. Employers want workers with collaborative skills and are looking for graduates of educational programs that teach these skills. Share the hours you’re available with your families, and stick to them. The game follows rules and procedures. Log in and test out your activity as a student, so you can truly see if this will work for your class. Share your expectations and due dates early and often to prepare students and families for a successful year. The aim of mentorship is to promote learner development drawing out and giving form to what the student already knows. Remember, the goal of active learning is not simply for your students to do things, but to also think about what they are doing. For over five years, hundreds of thousands of students have used Albert to build confidence and score better on their SAT®, ACT®, AP, and Common Core tests. Rated 4.3 out of five stars. We know that parent involvement strongly impacts student performance in school. Weekly or even daily journals and communications can be sent between mentor and student via e-mail, providing an ongoing “dialogue” which supports the development of the mentor relationship and offers numerous opportunities for timely feedback on student questions, concerns and issues. With learning-centered instruction, instructors take on the role of facilitating and sharing information while guiding students toward solutions. Larger groups can benefit by communicating asynchronously via conferencing programs.

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